Practice Summary – 5/11/2009

Overall Mood: Eager

Length of Practice: About 1 hour

Number of Interruptions: 2; one from my son and his friend – related to BB guns; the other from my wife regarding dinner preference.

Warm-Up / 20 minutes: Scales. C Major – two octaves, G major – two octaves. One Octave scales on all strings (0-1-3 / 1-3 / 1-2-3).

Primary Focus / 20 minutes: #15 Allegro from the Applebaum book. Focused on staccato and “sweeping” bow movements on some of the slurs. The metronome is my friend on this song.

Secondary Focus / 20 minutes: Gavotte (J. B. Lully; Suzuki 3, piece 4). This has some 3rd position sections on it. This song is fun because there are some trills in it. Overall, it is a fun piece to play with room to incorporate some of your own musical interpretation.


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