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New Year Distractions (2009)

Posted in Uncategorized on January 24, 2009 by cellomuser

February is less then seven days away. While it seems like January is flying by, I am very happy to get closer to the Spring season. This winter has been extremely frigid here in the US Midwest. I can handle the cold but it has been cold since late November and it seems like their wind every day. It just drains the energy from me and that combined with the early evenings makes cello practice even harder.

Another self-inflicted distraction has been our family’s purchase of Guitar Hero. This has been a double-edge sword. One, it has taken away from some cello practice time. However, the game itself is a great way to keep the fingers in shape and a great way to keep the hand eye coordination. If I had a spare $100K or so, I would invest in developing a Cello Hero version of the game. It would not take much effort from a hardware perspective and it would be quite fun.

Lessons have not started back up yet. I should probably reach out to L and get at least one scheduled so I have something to drive towards from a practice perspective.

On a different note, we have a new rescue cat. I told my wife last year (when we had three cats and a dog) that when the older cat and dog passed on, we would get a new cat. Well, during the summer last year, both the older and cat dog passed on within two days of each other. So, a week ago, we picked out the new cat. Mo is the third cat we have adopted from the same rescue.

Mo is the little one on the right, and the “dilute calico” on the left is Ruby. Rudy, our other cat did not want to participate in the photo fun. Thus far Ruby and Rudy have tolerated Mo. We kept Mo separated for about 4 days before letting him roam free. There is still some hissing here and there. Ruby and Rudy show an interest in Mo, but they are not going out of their way to be enthusiastic about it.