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2008 Year End Post

Posted in Uncategorized on December 30, 2008 by cellomuser

What a quick year this has been. I have wanted to post so much the last few weeks but between work, vacation, scrambling around for Christmas visits from relatives and not wanting to touch a computer for a few days – well, you know how it goes.

So off we go…

Christmas cello gigs:

I played two times leading up to Christmas. The first event was about four days before Christmas and was with a small group for a Christmas Coffee House – about 300 people. We played three traditional carols – no singing. Other instruments included a whistle, an acoustic guitar, some lap mandoline-like thing, some hand-drum looking thing and a flute. My role was very bass-like – think SATB score and I was playing the bass. Overall a good performance – would have liked to practice a few more times – but doesn’t everyone?

The next performance was a Christmas Eve service. Again, about 300 people in attendance. We did five carols for that performance three at the beginning and two at the end – people sang to these. Other instruments includes a mic’d acoustic guitar, an electric bass, a whistle and the cello. This performance was more solid in my opinion then the previous but I did not like the electric bass in the mix.

Cello-related gift:

My parents bought me a cello case for Christmas – an Enthral Acrylic case. This was not something I was expecting at all – so I was really surprised when they called to get my opinion on the case they had found. I tried to dissuade them, but I lost that battle. Ms. Emily over at the “The Stark Raving Cello” blog gave me some feedback – thank you Emily! Here is a link to the place my folks ordered the case from.

I received the case on December 23rd and used it on the 24th for the Christmas Eve performance. My cello fit very nicely in the case and I was pretty impressed with how much less time it took to get the cello in and out compared to the soft case. Overall – a great gift – that will get some good use and provide some protection against accidental bumping into things while in transit.

Moving the Cello Muser blog:

I want to get away from Google Blogger. So, hopefully in the next few weeks, I can create a blog over at WordPress and no longer have to bounce between blog providers. I will make a final post when that occurs. I think I will be able to import all my Google Blogger posts over to Word Press – but we shall see.

Classes With “L”:

L and I only had two lessons before the holidays hit. We tried to squeeze in a 3rd but logistics did not allow. So, hopefully we can get a few in between late January and summer.

Bowing Issue: When L and I started back up again, she noticed that my bow is tending to creep up towards the fingerboard when I am playing. This has not always been the case and appears to have began while I was in instructor limbo. I have been trying to be aware of it – but still notice (and hear) it happening. I know when it is happening because my tone sounds terrible and sometime I barely get a tone because there is not really anything there for the bow hair to grip and cause the string to vibrate. If anyone has any feedback regarding this feel free to comment.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!