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Lesson Notes – 11/15/2008

Posted in Uncategorized on November 17, 2008 by cellomuser

I had another lesson with “L” this past weekend. We are now meeting on Saturday morning for a variety of reasons – but primarily to accommodate my scheduled. In addition, feel less rushed on weekend mornings especially on a huge college campus where most students are still looking at the inside of their eye lids at 9:00 AM (unless the Buckeyes are playing a home game; life starts at like 5:30 AM).

Generally speaking, I was very pleased with the lesson and the progress I made the three weeks in between since the previous lesson. An added bonus for me was that “L” and I played a few exercises from the shifting exercise book – and it was really awesome. I enjoy playing with others versus for others – so this was a pleasant change and one that even L wants to do more of.

Now that we are back in a lesson routine and caught up on about 8 months of me on mine own – there are new challenges ahead.

1. We are going to start focusing on 3rd and 4th positions more.

2. Going to start tackling Suzuki 3. I was instructed to buy this book in early 2008 before L got sick – but we never really dove into it. I can play the first two or three pieces without a problem.

3. L wants to bring in some duets pieces for us to play.

4. We are going to be playing more duets.

5. L liked the fact I want to tackle Bourree I from Bach’s third cello suite. However, she was not to keen on the sheet music I had downloaded from the Internet. We compared it to her version and the differences were very extreme. I had downloaded my version from some Russian site. L’s version seemed to have more practical bowing. So, I need to make a trip to the sheet music store.

6. Lessons are an hour long versus 45 minutes. I also gave L a $5 raise per lesson. Granted, we are not doing as many lessons – and she wanted to stick with the lesson rate we currently have – but I insisted.

Some things I need to work on:

1. Opening up the arm. No robot arms.

2. Bow placement awareness. My bow has been creeping toward the finger board.

3. Bow hand form; getting more consistent; especially keeping the pinky finger on the frog.

4. Left hand form; keeping fingers curved.

5. Upper position tone. My overall tone in the 2nd and 3rd positions sounds weak and pitchy. Part of this is probably a lack of confidence on my part.

Thanks for reading!