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Etude Fingering

Posted in cello blogosphere, Dotzauer on August 20, 2008 by cellomuser

Now that Emily is inspiring us to practice and blog more (almost a guilt trip ?), I thought I would throw up a quick post. For those that have read some of my previous posts it is no secret that I like the Dotzauer Etudes and Method books. For the past month or so, I have been messing around with the first 8 or so etudes from “Exercises for Violincello – Book 1”. Exercise four has recently caught my attention, because near the beginning there is a measure that requires two notes to be played (see the red circle in the image above). This is new to me and for the most part I can play it but I suspect my fingering technique for 1st position D-string / G string 3rd finger is probably not right. I have watched myself do it and my finger has to be flat to do it. Slurring into the G is fairly easy – almost as if I roll my left hand slightly to hit the note and get my fingers curved again.

Since I am now in the position of teaching myself and reliant upon the cello blogosphere for additional instruction – does anyone have any guidance about how these few measures in this “simple” etude should be executed from a fingering perspective?


Dog Days of Summer

Posted in Uncategorized on August 10, 2008 by cellomuser

Thus far in August, my cello practicing has been some sporadic. I have been practicing at least a few times a week but not as intentionally as I would like. Some of this has to do with being extremely busy. Between late summer / school ramp-up activities related to our nine-year old and dealing with having to put two pets down in a three day period (16 year old cat and 15 year old dog) – there has been little free time. My other risk-related blog has also taken some cycles away from practice and posts for this blog, as there has been some interest from other security practitioners and responding to comments is a chore in itself because of the subject matter.

Some practice notes from the last week or so have been about relaxing and breathing. During some of the longer Dotzauer etudes I have noticed my left hand beginning to ache which typically subsides as soon as I relax and breathe. Yep, it’s a ho-hum no-brainer – but still relevant.

I would like to play with some other cellists. If anyone has any ideas about how to reach out to find someone or another group to play with I would appreciate it.