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What do cellos and lighthouses have in common?

Posted in Uncategorized on June 16, 2008 by cellomuser

Probably not a lot. But if I were a composer I would probably try to create some musical arrangement that was inspired by lighthouses. I just returned from a brief vacation on the Outer Banks. I have always enjoyed light houses – they have an important function and are so simple. The lighthouses in the Outer Banks region date back to the 1800s (depending on renovations) and there is such a rich history related to sea rescues in that region as well as pirate activity well before the light houses were erected.


I have not touched my cello since 6/1/2008. I played with a group at the church that day to make up for an Easter related song performance that was postponed due to bad weather we had. It was an OK performance- a little pitchy here and there but for the most part it worked.

I am officially declaring myself instructor-less. I really liked “L” and I wish her the best. She was not always the most responsive – so I am not terribly surprised that she has not responded to my follow-up emails. She was pretty sick and probably scrambling to make up for lost school work – so I am somewhat sympathetic. However, I did have a $60 credit with her for three remaining lessons and I think the least she could have done was give me an update of some form. I am a firm believer that how you treat other people’s money is somewhat a reflection on how you treat people. So, I guess I am out $60 dollars. I was in the habit of pre-paying for five or six lessons at a time – understanding that they are after all college students – whatever – enough said.

Now before Emily or others make a response about how I can be my own instructor – I do have a plan. Summer is here and time is precious, so I am going to figure out a practice routine with the goal of practicing between 2-4 times a week – that does not prevent me from spending time with my family. Scales, Dotzauer etudes, some shifting exercises, and maybe dusting off Finale and keying in some simple songs I would like to play on the cello. I need to formalize my plan and then create some electronic reminders to keep then in front of me.

Any ideas – feel free to send them my way.

One last thing – thanks for the help on my post regarding what I thought was a 1st position / 4th finger extension. I tried some of the exercises that GGP recommended and I immediately (within 15-20 minutes) was getting the desired results. I should probably bake these into my practice routine for a few months.