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Measure 34: Finally, my 1st 2008 Post….

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2008 by cellomuser

Since my last post on 12/28/2007 – I have been extremely swamped at work and with my spare-time consulting. The good news is that I have been practicing quite a bit – a lot more then time expended for blog posts. However, I wanted to write a quick post – so here goes.

My last lesson was back in late December 2007. I need to make contact with my instructor to make sure she made it back for the Winter quarter at “The” Ohio State University (OSU). Yes, we lost the BCS National Championship game to LSU – our 2nd BSC National Championship loss in two years – but that is how the cookie crumbles. Anyways – during my last lesson with “L” she mentioned that she wanted me to do a few things.

  1. Consider getting a “wolf tone eliminator”.
  2. Start doing some research on vibrato techniques.

This past Friday I made a trip to the luthier shop that I rented my cello from. I went ahead and purchased a Jargar D string (purchased an A string back in December). I also went ahead and purchased a wolf tone eliminator (WTE).

I have no idea where to even start with the WTE, other then knowing the general location where it goes. Any guidance would be welcomed as it may be a few more weeks before I start lessons up again.

Any pointers for general or specific information on vibrato techniques would also be welcomed. My web account at “The” OSU expired back in December so right now I do not have access to the AST Journals like I once did.

Finally – I want to get a hard case for my cello. I plan on purchasing the cello in April after the 12 month rental expires. I am not required to purchase it and can keep on renting it with 100% of rental being applied towards the purchase price – but I feel like I would be ripping off the luthier. Anyways – I want to get a half decent case to transport the cello. I am very nervous about the weather and now that I am practicing with some folks at the church I attend – I get nervous about accidentally banging it on a wall or something.

When I was at the luthier on Friday we briefly chatted about hard cases. They had some in stock retailing for between $400-$1000. For fear of sounding repetitive – any guidance on selecting a case would be welcomed.

I hope the New Year is going well for all of you. I look forward to getting some feedback!