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Measure 29: Lessons 6 and 7; Seven Things; possible first cello performance…

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It has been a few weeks since I have posted. I had every intention of posting over Thanksgiving, but it did not work out. This will be a brief post – but hopefully one that that will be a catalyst to get back in posting mode. So here goes…

Lessons 6 and 7 with L were pretty good. One of them was another video recording session. I believe the intent was to show “improvement” on some shortcomings that were identified from the first recorded session (posture, cello position, bowing). Technique – given the hundreds of things that need to be right – is hard to consistently do. I am convinced that if I sat down in front of 10 different instructors – or any self-proclaimed expert – and asked them to individually write down five observations, I would get 50 different points of improvement. I am fine with that – it just seems too easy to nitpick. Just imagine if you had someone nitpicking you every morning the second you opened your eyes in bed – that’s how it feels sometimes when it comes to lesson time 🙂

My eighth lesson is tonight and it is the last one before L has a five week break. So lessons will start up again in January 2008.

I was tagged by CelloGirl over at Temporary Insanity for the “Seven Things” barrel of fun. I was and still am quite flattered. I have been working on a post and taking my time… hopefully it will be interesting.

I was asked last night to play a Christmas song or two with two other guys from the church I attend. This is what I have been waiting for. One of them is going to be playing an electric guitar, the other guy will be playing an Irish whistle, and me, the cello (duh). The song is “What Child is This?” – maybe a few more. The Irish whistle guy is the one who pushed me in the direction of actually choosing the cello. So he has been keeping tabs on me since April and seen the progress (yep, sounds arrogant – but it is true). Him and I most recently practiced a few weeks ago a small Irish ditty called “Hold My Hand”. So, I am pretty excited about this and hope that it will lead to more opportunities to play in/with our church’s “praise band” (drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, some African drum, keyboard, singers, flute, and a mix of other odd instruments). I currently mix the sound for them so I know exactly where a cello would fit in perfectly!


Measure 28: Lesson 5 with L; Semper Fidelis

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My 5th lesson with L turned out to be more of a social visit then a real lesson. I was about 5 minutes late to the lesson – somewhat outside my control and I called her about 10 minutes before the lesson to let her know I was running a few minutes behind. By the time we actually started warming-up, it was 10 minutes past the regular starting time. About 20 minutes into the lesson – 10 of which were talking – we were made aware that there was a room conflict that were in and we got kicked out of it. So we moved into a different room and by the time we settled down there was about 2 minutes left for the regular lesson time. So, we ended on that note. Hopefully next week will start out better and there will be no interruptions or distractions.

November 10th is the Marine Corps Birthday – OOHRAH! (Happy Birthday Chesty Puller…). A group of about 10 of us “former Marines” got together today for lunch – it was a really good time.

November 11th is Veterans Day. It is easy for us Marines to lose sight of our brothers and sisters in the other branches – but we cannot help it that the Marine Corps was formed roughly 176 years before Veteran’s Day became an observed holiday.

Regardless – to all those veterans, active-duty / reserve military folks, military families, and the other die-hard military supporters that contribute in unseen / unconventional ways – THANK YOU!